MultiMotion alignment unit

MultiMotion alignment unit

Proper construction with associated joint alignment is critical to a properly functioning orthosis. This alignment kit facilitates joint alignment during the production of an orthosis with the MultiMotion joint. This practical and high quality tool can be used repeatedly for the correct alignment of the MultiMotion joints to the cast positive.
Note: To complete this set, the T-bar should be ordered separately (see accessories).

Article/size chart

Article Unit
AK-102 set


Package contents:

  • 2 x long bar profile
  • 2 x short bar profile
  • 1 x round profile large
  • 1 x round profile small
  • 4 x cylindrical screw with hexagon socket
  • 1 x Allen key (3 mm)
  • Instruction for use




Intended use: T-bar for correct alignment of joints on the positive Cast.