General Warranty Conditions

Valid  from January 2018
Basko Healthcare Private Company (hereafter: "Basko Healthcare") grants its customers, in addition to possible legal liability, the following rights concerning its products:
The general warranty period for Basko Healthcare products relates to the first 6 months from the date of purchase.
For the following Basko Healthcare products a different warranty period is applicable:
  • SPL/SPC Hinge: 1 year warranty
  • MultiMotion Corrective Joint: 1 year warranty
  • MultiStatic Corrective Joint: 1 year warranty
Condition for the claim on warranty is used in accordance with the purpose described in the user manual. Another condition for warranty is proof of date of purchase by presenting a copy of invoice / proof of delivery.
If the product shows defects during the warranty period as a result of a visible material or production error, it will be repaired free of charge or replaced by an intact product by Basko Healthcare at its own discretion.
There is no warranty for damages, defects or functional malfunctions that occurred as a result of operations not in accordance with the requirements of the operating manual, incompetent handling, impact, falling or decontamination, e.g. due to moisture, sand, dust or dirt.
The warranty also does not include damages that have occurred or increased due to repair attempts by unauthorised persons.
Warranty does not include repair, maintenance or replacement of parts of which the damage resp. wear-and-tear is the result of normal use (e.g. wear-and-tear of the Velcro, padding and adjustment elements).
Also excluded from warranty are claims of damage because of costs - in particular working hours that have occurred due to individual adjustments or assembly activities -, travelling expenses, loss of income, fees or other expenses, or consequential damages caused by the defect in any form whatsoever.
There is also no right to warranty if the model indication and/or the serial number has been removed, changed or made illegible.
The warranty is void if changes have been made to the product without the express consent of Basko Healthcare.
This warranty is non-transferable.The customer’s legal claims are not affected by the above regulations.