As a competent and experienced specialist, Basko Healthcare offers the product line "Neuro-Orthotics", a complete range of orthopedic devices for the care of neurological disorders. With our know-how we are available for the entire treatment team. We support therapy-accompanied - with the right dynamic orthesis and additional services, patients with neurological disorders.

Stroke: overview of the available products

Here you will find an overview of all our products for the indication stroke.

The products for adults

The diagnosis of a neurological disorder may be accompanied by different body function deficits. This usually means that the patient has limitations in performing various activities. The primary goal in therapy is the rapid, targeted mobilization and activation of the patient. To assist achieving that goal we support the treatment team with the suitable aids to compensate existing functional deficits, whose use can contribute to the achievement of the individual therapy goals.

The products for children

Functional disorders with children lead to a huge barrier in learning different skills and thus to the overall development of the child. As part of neurological care for children, it is important to compensate for the consequences of dysfunction, so that learning skills are made possible. Basko Healthcare supports the treatment team with the right dynamic aids.
Good care for handicapped children and adolescents is not a luxury. That is why Basko Healthcare supports the special needs of this young patient group with this product line of dynamic aids and with additional services such as test orthoses, presentations, the entire treatment team.